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Player Spends $150,000 USD In ‘Transformers’ Mobile Game

Player Spends $150,000 USD In ‘Transformers’ Mobile Game

It is not uncommon for phone owners to spend real money on free mobile games, but this story is likely to take over. At the recent Asia-Pacific Game Connect Conference in Melbourne, Australia, Chinese publisher Yodo1 talked about monetizing its mobile games.

The company revealed that a player had spent $150,000 (about CAD 198,000) in his Transformers: Earth Wars free strategy game. Yodo1 has not disclosed any data on the reader, so it is difficult to know in which demographic situation it could fall. Although this is perhaps the most significant case of massive spending by players in the app lately, it’s far from the only one.

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Last year, an Australian player admitted to having spent AUD 50,000 (the US $46,000) in Transformers: Earth Wars. At the same time, a Runescape player recently revealed to have spent about $90,000 ($ 80,000) in the free MMORPG. This problem is not just about free titles. of 2021, a BioWare Montreal developer revealed that a player had spent $15,000 ($19,800) on BioWare Edmonton’s Mass Effect 3 software.

These situations are often cited by detractors of aggressive monetization in the game that calls for regulation of business practices. Some experts have argued that they are predators in the way they encourage people with dependent personalities to spend a lot of money.

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