Pokemon Go Reveals New Team Rocket Villains

Pokemon Go Reveals New Team Rocket Villains

The Pokémon Go Twitter account teases users with the addition of three new Team Rocket bosses. Team Rocket has been part of the game for a while now, but so far it was just Grunts. The Grunts stand at PokéStops in the game world and fight against the control of the stop.

If you beat them, you will be able to catch a “Shadow” version of the Grunt Pokémon, which is often very powerful. In the main games, there are always a handful of Team Rocket leaders who fight the player before they are finally put to the test by fighting the leader of the organization. Polygon reports that the game’s loading screen has been updated to display an image of the three new mid-level demons and a fourth shadow.

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This fourth person is thought to be Giovanni, the Team Rocket leader of the Pokémon show and original games. This is not the first time that Giovanni enters the game. At the Go Fest, Pokémon in Yokohama, Japan, the notorious villain photographed users taking snapshots of their monsters during the event.

Source: Polygon

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