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Razer Phone 2 should arrive on 10th October.

Razer Phone 2 should arrive on 10th October.

Razer's phone has a younger brother.

That Razer Phone 2 Coming soon, he resembles his predecessor altogether.

The second version of Razer Phone for games may be announced or released on October 10 according to Android Headlines. It is less than a year since the original was released on November 1.

The first Razer Phone provided a 120 Hz display and a powerful stereo speaker Device CNET Review. However, other features such as battery life and camera did not match those of the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel. Razer faces competition from other game consoles. Asus ROG.

Android headlines capture the image of a new mobile phone that looks like the original.


Razer Phone 2 is familiar.

According to the Android title, mobile phones have a storage capacity of up to 512 GB and are said to work on Android 8.1 or Oreo.

Razer did not react quickly to the comment request.

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Razer Phone 2 should arrive on 10th October.

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