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Roku Brings Its Remote Control And Voice Search App To Apple Watch

Roku Brings Its Remote Control And Voice Search App To Apple Watch

The latest Roku Remote Control app for iPhone brings new features, including the ability to browse and search for content on Apple Watch. Version 6.1.3 brings remote control capabilities to the Apple Watch, which works the same way as the Apple Remote app to control Apple TV.

According to Roku, the control options are the same as those found in the mobile app, but “at the size of your wrist.” Also, users can launch strings from the monitoring screen. Roku lists the channels in the order of the last viewed. The update also brings a voice search to the watch. Users can tap the voice icon to issue commands such as “Start Netflix” or “Find comedies.”

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This only works with specific models of Roku devices and Roku TVs. Finally, the update also brings ‘Remote finder’ to Roku on Apple Watch. This allows users to signal their Roku remote from the monitoring application, allowing them to play an audible chime. This will help you the next time you lose your remote in your sofa cushions.

Remote search is only available on the Roku Ultra and some Roku TV models. To get the new features, look for Roku on the Apple Watch App Store or update to the latest Roku app on your iPhone.

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