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Samsung Galaxy S21 or the samsung Galaxy S30, which will be on Samsung in 2021?

Samsung Galaxy S21 or the samsung Galaxy S30, which will be on Samsung in 2021?

Samsung-confused with a common user to find out the latest samsung Galaxy-this is the spring season. What was once thought to be the samsung Galaxy S11e as a S10e successor, as it is now, with the S20, with the S10 in the heir turned out to actually be S20+, while rumors of a S20 Ultra-thereplacement of the S10+ features, as well.

Going from a samsung Galaxy S10 of 2021 at the latest, directly to the S20 in the following year, in an unprecedented move, and not just for the Games. Apparently, it is the company’s opinion, have been married for Galaxy S20, the family is a quantum leap that will not only be part of the decade (in the years of 2021), but will also be a sign of a “new era”, Samsung said its new mobile division, exec.

That, and the fact that next year we may have a Galaxy S30, or even to S21, in 2021, while the iPhone would still be at 13. We kid, but the name of the series, the S20 is a convenient term for the new decade and move forward, and it is a clever marketing ploy as well. If only it wasn’t so much confusing as it is timeless, screenshot-turned-meme would suggest.

The following year, however, it will not be the start of a new decade (or, depending on the method of counting), and we can’t help but wonder if Samsung will have the name of their Sprint 2021 flagships, the samsung Galaxy S30 or the samsung Galaxy S21-series. What do you think?

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