Samsung wins contract for the new Snapdragon X60-production

Samsung wins contract for the new Snapdragon X60-production

The world-famous chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, has just been announced the Snapdragon X60, a next-generation 5G modem faster network speeds. Now, Reuters has been brought to our attention a very important contract to be created Samsung and Qualcomm are related to the production of the new X60 modem chips. This command is useful, for Samsung, for getting the chip to market at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s TSMC).A lot of people don’t know this, but the phone is not only a world leader in the smart phone and other electronic device industry, but it is also the world’s second-largest chip maker. The Samsung does have a good amount of, their own mobile phone, but also for the export of chips to other customers, such as, for example, IBM, Nvidia, and others.

Last year, Samsung has decided to invest $116 billion to grow its share of the chip market and to reduce the dependency on volatile market for memory chips, while the emphasis is on the non-memory ones. Now that it has won a contract, in which at least some members of the Snapdragon X60 chips made in Samsung’s foundries.

Samsung’s arch-rival in this arena, TSMC held 52.7% of market share in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to a new study from TrendForce, while Samsung’s was 17.8%. TSMC has won clients such as Apple, which used an older manufacturing technologies, and expects to work with one of the newer processthe 5nm one, providing more battery-efficient chips, and it is assumed to be 10% of the company’s revenue for the year.

Some of the sources say that TSMC will manufacture certain of Qualcomm’s chips, in addition to Samsung. According to Reuters, no official confirmation on the matter has been issued, but there you go.

However, Samsung is pleased with the fact that it is a strong competitor to TSMC, and Shawn Han, vice president of Samsung’s Foundry business, said that they were trying to do in order to diversify the applications of its customers in order to expand their 5nm of mass production.

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