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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Launch In Early of 2020

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Launch In Early of 2020

2019 is expected to bring fresh air to the smartphone design by introducing a collapsible display. Some companies should have a chance, but the most promising is Samsung. Samsung is aiming for the release of rumble devices in early of 2020, and I see Huawei as the first company with a foldable smartphone on the market.

People close to the Wall Street Journal are focusing more on this project. According to an unnamed information provider, the device will have a display close to 7 inches. It does not go far beyond today's big smart phone, but a foldable height / width ratio phone (perhaps close to 4: 3) brings about a significant increase in screen immobility.

The smartphone folded in half like a "wallet" and told the mysterious people. And probably you have a small secondary display externally to show you watch, notification, and other useful information on closing. The main camera (or camera) is in the other half of the camera.

Samsung talked about making smartphones with folding screens since 2014 so wait to actually see how they actually find and how to compare with what they offer I can not do it.

If you want to become the first person to adopt new technology, we are willing to pay a lot of money for that. The first generation not only launches a new class of smartphones but is probably new high price range.

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