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Six steps to DevOps success, analyzed

Six steps to DevOps success, analyzed

All organizations are different, in most cases the DevOps course is not a straight and smooth line. 'Linear' DevOps trip does not exist. Rather, "There are many start and stops on the way to lose fast momentum and ironically connect"

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This is one of the important findings of 3,000 IT executives and professional recent research by Puppet and Splunk Inc. documenting DevOps journey from start to finish. This survey was undertaken by Amazon Web Services, Cloudability, Cognizant, Cyber ​​Ark, Diaxion, Eficode, and Splunk.

DevOps is defined as a set of practices to automate the process between the software development team and the IT team and to create, test and publish software more quickly and reliably. DevOps utilizes the creative energy of the developer and pours it into the timed version required by the company (this beautiful and succinct definition is the courtesy of the people of Atlassian).

According to researchers, all successful development companies have a common denominator. That is, the culture of cooperation and the sharing among all struts. In one of the major pillars of DevOps sharing, "There is practice that has the greatest influence on evolving DevOps journey," the authors of the survey says. "Companies that have not been successful at DevOps but have not been successful are stuck up and can not realize advanced automation and self service.

It is noteworthy that people at the top of the organization often think that they are effectively using DevOps, but people below the trenches do not necessarily look like that. "The respondents in the C suite were more likely to report that DevOps practices were used frequently," the authors of the study said. In the case of Exle, 64% of C-Suite's respondents believe that the security team is involved in the design and deployment of the technology, which is 39% at the team level. In addition, 54% of C-Suite respondents said they are automating the organization of security policies at the organization level (38%).

The creator of the survey report identified six key stages of DevOps progress. The maximum number drops by about 11% …

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