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Sony Rolls Out A New PlayStation Vita Update

Sony Rolls Out A New PlayStation Vita Update

The PlayStation Vita is practically dead at this point, but that did not stop Sony from dropping a firmware update for the terminal. As reported by Destructoid, version 3.73 of the system update has been deployed this week for Vita users.

In terms of what he’s doing, Sony has said nothing more than “this system software update improves system performance.” This is particularly the case for the latest updates of the system. Version 3.72 was deployed in August. Presumably, this update is intended to prevent modified software, even if it is unclear if it can do anything else.

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Logically, the updates have no new Vita feature since Sony ceased production of the system earlier this year. Nevertheless, it could give the impression of pouring salt into the wound to people who still use their Vitas. R.I.P.

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