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Stadia Controller now works wirelessly with Android phones

Stadia Controller now works wirelessly with Android phones

The Stadia Controller is slowly but surely becoming more and more useful, with some of the features that players could have expected at launch to finally make their way to the periphery. The basic Google Assistant features have been available since December, but Google is finally rolling them out for everyone. Perhaps even more importantly, as of today players will be able to use the controller wirelessly with Android devices.

You’ll need the latest version of the Stadia game streaming app to pair the controller. Once you have connected your phone and peripherals to the same WiFi network, the app will guide you through the process.

It’s a welcome update, but it’s a feature that really should have been part of Stadia from the jump. For today, the only way players could use the controller with an Android phone was via a cumbersome cable. Not only will the wireless connection eliminate the need for the cable, but it will also free up your phone’s port for other useful items, such as a headset or a charger.

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