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Tech News: Apple may bring an iPad multitasking feature to the iPhone in iOS 14

Tech News: Apple may bring an iPad multitasking feature to the iPhone in iOS 14

I like that Switch between iPadOS 13 apps that Apple uses on the large iPad screens? Good with iOS 14, this may also come to the iPhone. A leaked video has appeared that allegedly shows an example version of the developer of the next version of the next Apple mobile operating system 91Mobiles driving on one iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Here you can see that the app switcher takes on a more iPad layout by fitting four active app snapshots on one display at a time, in contrast to the current one. In addition, there is a clear lock function that prevents you from swiping to close an app that you do not want to be accidentally deleted.

The new preview of the iPhone app switcher is reportedly not being achieved through any kind of jailbreak mod, so what we see below is perhaps how Apple will approach the approach to apps on all its iOS devices in the future . Alternatively, it can simply reserve this iPad-style switcher for the large Max models and leave the upcoming one 5.4 “iPhone 12 only in that respect from four apps per screen.

Does Apple have other multitasking shenanigans in its iOS 14 sleeve? Well, the WWDC expo is usually held in June and there will be a lot of leaks and previews sooner, so this chic iPhone experiment in app switching may fall out of the pipeline at some point before the first public beta of iOS 14 becomes released .

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