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Tech News: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 108MP camera samples comparison vs 12MP photos

Tech News: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 108MP camera samples comparison vs 12MP photos

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a brand new 108-megapixel sensor for the main camera and, as standard, it cleverly combines 9 separate pixels into one to create a final 12-megapixel photo that is lighter in size but still excellent quality has . But you can also photograph with the full 108 megapixels if you want. What is the difference between those 12MP shots and the full 108MP shots?

Let’s look at a few photos, but first let’s pay attention to the difference in size between such images. Each image has a different size, but it appears that this is the average file size.

How large are 108MP images?

  • Average photo formats from 12 MP: 2.5 MB to 3.3 MB
  • Average photo size from 108MP: 24 MB to 31.3 MB

This is a huge difference! Photos with a resolution of 108 megapixels can easily each weigh more than 30 megabytes, which means that one hundred photos would take up 3 GB of storage space on your phone, and imagine that you take photos for a few days during a vacation where you often end with a few thousand photos! We can absolutely see why Samsung has decided to use the image size of 12 megapixels as a standard option.

A slight difference in detail

108MP photos are slightly sharper, but you have to see a pixel beep to see this difference

Although there is a huge difference in the huge size of the photo files between 108MP and 12MP, the difference in detail is actually much more subtle and not that noticeable. In the pictures of the flower above you see a slight difference in the colors, but you really have to look closely to notice the difference in sharpness.

Only when zooming in on the photos to enlarge the detail, you notice the small advantage that the 108MP image has in terms of resolved details, but it is not a huge difference.

And depending on the photo, that difference may be even smaller than in the photos above, where you can see the violet petals that actually look more detailed in the 12MP photo.

Here is a close-up of the same images that will help you notice the difference better.

Weird artifacts on 12MP photos

The camera editing does photos something strange

Interestingly, although we have not found a huge improvement in detail when using the 108-megapixel photo mode, we have noticed that the standard 12MP images have some strange artifacts due to some over-processing in the camera.

We do not know what that exactly causes and we hope that Samsung can solve this with a software update. It is definitely not a dealbreaker, but it is just something rather strange that we have not seen on other phones.

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