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The samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will get a huge discount on eBay

The samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will get a huge discount on eBay

As for the Samsung S20-flag-ships, on the drama of the past few weeks, the company has also released a long-awaited pair, of the budget of the flagship initiatives of the previous month, with the Note 10 The light and the S10, Lite. Although they were not technically released in the U.S., the new eBay deal is a great value proposition for everyone. But now, with the S10, Lite, is available for as little as $509 to significantly reduce the $600 to get them anywhere else. It’s not the most popular phones around, but it’s still very rare to see a great reduction in the prices asked in the marketplace of life.

The S10 Lite is a great phone for people who are looking for a powerful specs and a large screen in a more affordable package. Packed with a Snapdragon 855, and 8 GB of RAM, the handset should be more than enough for everybody. In comparison with the similar priced, S10e, and you get a bigger screen, much bigger battery, and a cool macro of the camera, too (you’ll lose the headphone jack, though).

It’s eBay’s deal offers you the handset is brand new unlocked, but it will only work on AT&T and T-Mobile is a GSM network than a CDMA-based counterparts. It is available in three colors, with free shipping, so make sure to check the way it is.

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