The shadow of the Tomb Raider review: the end is close

The shadow of the Tomb Raider review: the end is close

As Mission Impossible: Fall Out If it is good and you know how to use it, it has been proved that there is nothing wrong in sticking to the expression. tomb Raider Her 2013 reboot was a bold and close reform of modern Lara Croft adventure, but in the next 2015 Appearance of Tomb Raider I expanded the idea and increased the excess of movie action.

The problem is Tomb Raider's Shadow, The third game of the restart trilogy is not just based on mathematical expressions. He is playing as he does, the pace is perfect, he is often very handsome. But without significantly improving the action, he will feel indispensable without intensifying the drama or creating real emotional resonances.

Every time Lara Croft comes back, she needs more than that.

Tomb Raider's Shadow Lara is now an archaeologist / killing machine, looking for a craft that crosses Mexico and South America and prevents very bad things from happening in the world as usual. Good news, Shadow Abandoned To increaseThe so-called thriller of a closer story plot centered on the character. Writing is also clumsier than the last two matches. Worse, even if you are accidentally involved in fighting the same ambiguous organization after causing Maya's apocalypse, it is still so serious that it is still so serious.

It is a game fighting with poncho at La Casa Mexicana.

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The shadow of the Tomb Raider review: the end is close

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