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The Z-Flip is being marketed as a girly, Valentine's Day on the phone, you agree to be bound by the Samsung?

The Z-Flip is being marketed as a girly, Valentine's Day on the phone, you agree to be bound by the Samsung?

Inspired by the iconic Lancome powder compact, which is what the Samsung Galaxy Z is a Flip and is offered at the carrier’s execs and retailers, to automatically place in the world of fashion-accessory, girly category, which Samsung is apparently aiming for.

As if to confirm that the new Z-series is the marketing focus of the rumors, Samsung is just all over the “design story” writeup is dedicated to the next life, as a fashion accessory. “With the samsung Galaxy Z in the line-up and introduces a new personality to the fold, mobile category. We will add a fashionable touch to users ‘ lives“due Tae-joong Kim, the Vice-President of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business, “due to the combination of a pocket-friendly shape, featuring a distinctive style.”

The Z-Flip is given as a Valentine’s Day release it as a fashion accessory

Cue the candy colors, the Flex Mode is an option to take selfies more easily, or use the Z-Flip is a make-up and accessories. We will be getting a Samsung, but you can’t help but wonder what a lot of twentysomething women, customers expect to be enticed by a $1400 phone as a fashion accessory. In fact, it’s already in Apple’s iPhone, just to have a look around, and to calculate the ratio of the iOS vs the Android phones that they carry.

Samsung is in a pickle here, and it is one of their own. For phones with folding displays, such as the Galaxy Z in the Flip in the form of a first draft, as their most important value-added has been seen as a possibility to the big screen in a compact package. It took Samsung a seven-year deal, starting from the first flexible display for experiments in which phone calls in to the Fold, or Z-series, and in the meantime, the “stiff” the handset displays increased from 4″ to 6″+ is average.

With the samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, the screen size is 6,7″ and when unfolded, and we are not certain that it will be easy to find one of the a lot of users, who will make sure that the pleats are in a 3-inch phone is the size. On the one hand, it is quite thick in a folded condition, and, on the other hand, the “new normal” phones, such as Samsung’s own S20+ S20 Ultra to come in at 6.7-6.9 inch screen size, isn’t it.

Samsung Galaxy Z is a Flip vs the Razr as a phone for men

Now, imagine that you are the next dozens of times a day, and with one hand, just to check a notification, and you can see why Samsung is trying to market it as something other than a big phone that can turn into a small one. That’s not even counting the fact that the samsung Z will Flip the flip-up screen makes more sense for a jeans or shirt pockets, in which the majority of men have phones and live in a place of handbags that will be able to do, and wearing the huge screen size is still. Does Samsung think that they can just get the Razr?

This is a way to keep track of Samsung’s big marketing push to set the position of the Galaxy, Z is the Flip as a fashion accessory, rather than a rational appraisal of the advantages and disadvantages of the foldable mobile phone in the age of the phone screens infringes on a 7-inch (diagonal), what do you think?

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