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Tim Cook Approach Court To Against A Potential iPhone Ban In India

Tim Cook Approach Court To Against A Potential iPhone Ban In India

The Government of India has refused Apple's request to exempt the iPhone from the Anti Spam Prevention Act on mandatory anti-spam applications, which is likely to close at the closure of the country's iPhone cellular network.

India's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has asked Apple to install an official anti-spam application. The anti-spam application is currently increasing the number of uploads since iOS 12, but in the official version of India it is necessary to access the user's text message archive and newsletter. ;call.

Apple sent a letter to this to TRAI in mid-July and asked India to reconsider the removal of noncompliant phones from the network. However, Apple 's request was decidedly rejected by the group.

President Sharma of TRAI said, "The most appropriate way to challenge this is in the court." Reuters.

Recently Sharma was reappointed until 2020, so turnarounds that might solve the problem will not take place before the deadline.


A new rule on "customer preferences for commercial communications" is aimed at reducing the number of fraud or fraudulent telephones in India, text messages and other undesirable spam. As part of the review of regulations, operators can have the device download the Do Not Disturb application to counter spam, such as reporting violations or configuring subscription settings for messages.

"Each access provider needs to guarantee within 6 months that all smartphones registered in the network will support the permissions necessary to operate these applications," he says. . "If these devices do not allow the operation of these applications, providers will not recognize these devices from the communication network in the order or order direction.

Regulation stipulates that Apple must provide access to TRAI DND 2.0 applications or that regulators will instruct domestic operators to disconnect the iPhone from the iPhone's network. Although TRAI can directly regulate businesses, regulators may penalize smartphone manufacturers like Apple, as device providers can not regulate them.

In this state, the TRAI Do Not Disturb application violates some rules of the App Store. In March, the App Store said "violation of the privacy policy" of the App Store, but arguing that it is working with government engineers and how to design the application to "protect user's personal information" I was talking.

Under the rules of the App Store, third party applications can not display call logs and text messages, but you can access stored contacts. Apple has previously advised not to change the policy in this case.

Apple refuses to use it in iPhone applications, but it is not the same for other smartphone makers. Application rejection is provided to Android owners after 2016.

Apple and India

India is an important country for Apple's growth and iPhone SE is sold in the local market. In June, there was a report that Apple started commercial production of local partner Wistron and iPhone 6.

Apple is trying to improve the sales of iPhones in the country.

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