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Uber is reportedly looking to buy Postmates

Uber is reportedly looking to buy Postmates

Uber may have missed his chance to buy Grubhub, but it may not go away empty-handed. New York Times sources claim that Uber made an offer to buy Postmates. The talks are still ongoing and are not guaranteed to lead to a union, but negotiations are reportedly close enough that an agreement could be ready as soon as Monday night.

It’s no secret why Uber would want to buy Postmates. This would expand his food supplies and help offset the fueling demand for his core rideshare business. It would also counteract the takeover of GrubHub by Just Eat. We would add that the two companies are political allies – both are trying to thwart California’s go-getter law and keep their couriers as contractors rather than full employees.

For Postmates, a deal can be crucial. The company hasn’t done so well against its heavyweight rivals, and Uber could either rejuvenate the brand or fold it into Uber Eats. While it wouldn’t be the independent success Postmates would have hoped for, it would be better than lagging behind the better-funded competition.

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