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Ubisoft Planning TV Shows Based On ‘Far Cry’ And ‘Watch Dogs’ Games

Ubisoft Planning TV Shows Based On ‘Watch Dogs,’ And ‘Far Cry’ Games

Ubisoft develops a variety of animated TV shows based on some of its most popular video games. The French publishing giant has confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the first of these series would be an extraordinary sequel to his series Rabbids Invasion co-produced with France 3 and Netflix.

Other family-friendly animated series include a comedy-adventure based on the Rayman games and an adaptation of the mobile game Hungry Shark. But above all, Ubisoft is also preparing an animated series based on its famous games Far Cry and Watch Dogs, developed mainly in his studio in Montreal. In the case of the first, Ubisoft develops Captain Laserhawk: a vibration of Blood Dragon based on the widespread extension of Blood Dragon.

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Adi Shankar, who oversaw Netflix’s adaptation to the video game, Castlevania, is currently producing Captain Laserhawk. Interestingly, Ubisoft said that Captain Laserhawk would launch a multiverse with other Ubisoft titles, suggesting a kind of Marvel Cinematic Universe-style interconnectivity.

However, Ubisoft did not elaborate. While the Far Cry and Watch Dogs are rated M for adults, Ubisoft mitigates the content of both adaptations to make them more suitable for viewers as teenagers.

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