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US loses extradition battle with Russia for Bitcoin kingpin

US loses extradition battle with Russia for Bitcoin kingpin

The Supreme Court of Greece today decided that owners of Bitcoin exchange platform, where ransom businesses fund from cybercrime, will be repatriated to Russia rather than to the United States and France.

The suspect in the center of this standoff is Alexander Vinnik and is the owner of a nickname "Mr. Bitcoin" and the encryption exchange of BTC –

On the same day, Vinnik was arrested by the Greek police during his holiday at the seaside resort of Halkidiki province.

Also, the Kelihos botnets operator who was imprisoned for account theft, exchange of identification on the dark Web

The United States requested Vinnik's crime in connection with the establishment of 21 lawsuits related to money laundering, unlicensed funds exchange. Vinnik was imprisoned for up to 35 years, subject to various fines only in the United States.

As soon as Binnik 's arrest was announced, Russia submitted a request for rescue of the criminal. Russian officials said that Vinnik was suspected of investigating in Russia with a fraudulence of 9,500 euros ($ 11,000). The details of the incident remained unclear.

France submitted his criminal investigation request because it participated in "Cyber ​​Crime, Money Laundering, Crime Organization and Violence" in June of 2021.

The Greek judge gives up every call and every call. They agreed to first hand over Vinnik to the US, then to France in the summer, and to Russia in early September.

The case was ultimately brought up in the Supreme Court of Greece and Vinnik decided to be indicted in Russia, the mother country of the suspect.

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On the same day, the Greek authorities arrested the team of Vinnik, including members of Google, announced the results of the Black Hat USA 2017 Security Council, 95% of all transcript payments were cashed and converted to currency It revealed that. Trustee. BTC – e portal.

On the same day, the Bitcoin security expert group released the findings linking BitCin to Vinnik.

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