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War with Partisan's fact check presses Facebook

War with Partisan's fact check presses Facebook

Last December, a conservative publisher Weekly Standard I became a Facebook certification checker. In the US, it is the only Partisan outlet authorized as a fact checker on Facebook. The decision to include it in partnership with Associated Press, Polity Fact, Snoops, Fact Checker O'Nell, raised several criticisms. Sam Levin at that time Guardian:

Following the first rumors of the October partnership, Angelo Carseyne, president of Media-Motes for America, of the Progressive Surveillance Group, who announced many reviews on weekly standards, said: "I am really discouraged, They are disturbing. "They explained themselves as an opinion magazine. They are considered to be leaders of opinion.

Media Matters entitled 'We are wrong' magazine and raised the role of Weekly Standard in promoting misleading and misleading statements about Obamacare, Hillary Clinton and other political tags.

Including conservative institutions alongside nonparticipating information organizations necessarily opened the way for conflict when this outlet places emphasis on controversial party issues. Today, I arrived today.

Sunday, liberal editor ThinkProgress Ian Millhiser announced that "Brett Kavana Foo killed Roe v. Wade last week and says there is very little to notice anyone." In the article Millhiser received a testimony from Senator Ted Cruz of Kavanaugh and a statement on the right of abortion previously conducted by Kavanaugh.


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War with Partisan's fact check presses Facebook

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