Why T-Mobile and Sprint customers should get a of 2021 iPhone

Why T-Mobile and Sprint customers should get a of 2021 iPhone

I like many things about the iPhone of 2021 model. However, T – Mobile and Sprint customers have additional reasons to upgrade to the latest iOS devices. It is the first time to support some of these carriers' wireless technologies.

In other words, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR will perform better than the previous on both networks.

Sprint and T-Mobile upgrade the 4 G LTE network at two different frequencies. Latest support from Apple

T-Mobile 600 MHz network support

Last year, T-Mobile added a large capacity of 600 MHz (band 71) to the network. He plans to use it for long distance LTE and use it for the future 5 G network.

According to this carrier, "The wide range LTE signal operates twice the distance from the tower, four times the efficiency of the building than the middle band LTE, improving coverage and capacity.

And, three new iPhone models, unlike the first one, support this service. In the T-Mobile statement, "The Best part of the new iPhone is 600 MHz, which means that T-Mobile customers can acquire more coverage and capacity in 1,254 municipalities in 36 states, including Puerto Rico.

John Legere, CEO, also told about it.

And also Sprint's HPUE

Sprint uses HPUE (High Performance User Equipment) at different frequencies, but its effect is essentially the same.

According to the company's statement, HPUE further expands the 2.5 GHz spectrum and promises to realize nearly the same coverage performance (including indoors where most of the wireless traffic is generated) as the 1.9 GHz spectrum.

And Mike Dano Violent wireless Have learned There is no better source of information than Sprint's Chief Technology Officer (CTO): "HPUE is supported by the new iPhone" It is not known whether Technical Director John Slow means cheap iPhone XR. But HPUE is indeed in iPhone XS and XS Max.

All new Apple devices are booked tonight. They will start shipping next week.

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