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With OkCupid, users can now define pronouns

With OkCupid, users can now define pronouns

OkCupid users can now select pronouns. The company introduced yesterday a new gender expression option that allows users to choose between him / her, his / her, their / their, and so on. This option matches gender option 22 and 13 already sexually-oriented choices. When a user who identifies a gender other than male or female participates in the service, the pronoun is displayed as a menu. Those sexually oriented people under the umbrella of LGBTQ also see the menu of that profile, but they are not displayed at the time of registration.

Rowan Rosenthal, a product designer using pronouns, created this feature early this year in the OkCupid hacking week. They say Hatsuko Until now, they always had the first clumsy schedule and the day called "her" was unpleasant. But at the same time, Rosenthal said it can not keep track of dates because there is no formal space to define pronouns. (Up until now, only gay date / Grinder applications have provided pronoun option). Users were able to include pronouns in the summary section before, but they are only useful if you actually are actually reading these sections. Rosenthal says that the new pronoun menus "the date that people help to relieve the situation and relieve" is its synonym. Including choices at registration legitimately justifies preferences and makes it an important part of the dating experience.

According to Rosenthal's explanation, users can filter potential matches by sexual identity, yet they can not do with pronouns yet.

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With OkCupid, users can now define pronouns

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