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YouTube removes posts from Putin's critics before voting

YouTube removes posts from Putin's critics before voting

In response to the official request, YouTube canceled the advertisement of politicians of the Russian opposition party.

Prior to the local election election on Sunday, YouTube withdrew the announcement from Russian political force Alexei Navalny and encouraged political censorship complaints.

In this announcement, the BBC reported that Navalny called Russia to use the election day to protest the planned raise in retirement age.

According to Reuters news, after the Russian Central Election Commission complained that the law prohibiting political activity was violated within 24 hours of the election, YouTube, a major search company of Google, withdrew the advertisement.

"What Google did is a clear case of political censorship," Navalny's contributor Leonid Volkov wrote in Facebook's post. He pointed out that over 40 video ad campaigns are "disabled."

Mr. Volkov, who did not respond immediately to the comment request, stated in this article that the protest action Navalny claims is irrelevant to the election. He pointed out that YouTube ads will be removed in areas where Sunday's election is not scheduled.

The video sharing site is a statement and there is no political agenda, but political advertising has requested respect for local laws. This includes "period of silence" stipulated by law …

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YouTube removes posts from Putin's critics before voting

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