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How To Activate Hidden Reader Mode In Chrome Browser

How To Activate Hidden Reader Mode In Chrome Browser

If you stay up-to-date with the latest technical news, be aware that Google has recently released its most recent update for Chrome version 75. The new update introduces many useful features, such as the ability to locate fraudulent sites. The hidden reading mode is one of the most important and exciting.

Google’s Chrome is currently the most popular browser for PC users and is available on all major platforms. The web browser contains almost all the features you need for an appropriate web browsing experience. Google has not yet confirmed anything about the secret play mode. However, users can manually enable it through Chrome settings. The Chrome browser’s Hidden Player mode could be a handy tool for simplifying the display of news stories and textual content.

Activate Hidden Reader Mode In Chrome Browser

Step 1- First of all, you need to open the Chrome browser and head to the Menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

Step 2- There you need to check whether you are using Chrome 75 or the older version of chrome. If you are running an older version of Chrome, update your browser.

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Step 3- Now on the URL bar, type in “chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode” and press Enter.

Step 4- The above URL will take you to the ‘Enable Reader Mode’ option. Select ‘Enable’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 5- Now click on the ‘Relaunch Now’ button at the bottom to restart the web browser.

Step 6- That’s it; you are done! This is how you can enable the secret reader mode in Chrome browser.

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