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America Fastest Internet provider of 2021 Nationwide


The Fastest ISPs (Internet Speed Providers) in the USA, as measured by tests on Fastest ISPs & Mobile Networks 2016 via speed test.

When choosing among The Best high-speed internet providers, several other factors should be considered besides simply the available download speeds. Upload speeds are necessary as well, although they most likely are not as crucial as download speeds. Price can be something to think about as a result of some high-speed internet plans can be very costly although many of these companies assist you to bundle several services together and save money.

America Fastest Internet Provider of 2021

ISPDownload↓ Upload↑
1.XFINITY 104.56/12.71Mbps
3.Cox Communications94.06/21.28Mbps
4.Verizon Fios83.39/87.26Mbps
5.Charter Spectrum66.31/4.46Mbps

Winner: XFINITY from Comcast

XFINITY from Comcast is the nation’s biggest video, high-speed Internet, and phone service, provider. They provide a broad variety of speeds and covering the last several years have increased performance by introducing 105Mbps, 150Mbps and now 250Mbps service using DOCSIS 3 cable technology. XFINITY additionally provides a 505Mbps fiber-based service in some areas.

Source: List by Speedtest, licensed underneath CC-BY

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