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How to Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Issues

In this article we learn How to Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Issues: Solved Error with hundred percent accuracy. As many of our readers asked if we had a solution to Terrarium TV’s buffer issues. It seems that buffer instances have become more regular than before. In fact, I have also started with these problems lately. There’s no denying that Terrarium TV is one of the best Amazon Fire Stick apps for watching on-demand movies and TV shows. It has just about every title you could ask for. But it is also true that you will sometimes encounter these buffer problems. If you are currently encountering buffering in the Terrarium TV app, keep reading.

Streaming media can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Especially if you have a bad internet connection, or often have problems with your favorite streaming app. Terrarium TV buffering problems is something that plagues many users, and can quickly kill an evening.

Well, they won’t do that after today if you follow our guide. We have compiled a list of quick tips on how to avoid problems with buffering streaming apps. Some of these solutions may also work with other streaming apps.

What is buffering?

Before you can fix buffering, you need to understand exactly what it is. Fortunately, it is simple enough to explain. Have you ever watched Netflix just to pause the midstream? That’s buffering because it takes a small pause until it can stream your movies and TV shows without delay.

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What Is Terrarium TV? (Is it Legal?)

Imagine if you could join Netflix without an account, but it had a breathtaking library of modern, ever-popular content. And that you didn’t need an account, and you didn’t have to pay a monthly fee either. That’s Terrarium TV, which offers everything from FX’s Legion to HBO’s Westworld, and even Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2.

Yep. So, while the site claims that Terrarium is “completely legal”, my first doubt arose when I saw it linking to movies you can’t find on a big streaming service.

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Buffer issues on Terrarium TV: Solution

There is no solution that solves problems with Terrarium TV. However, after several trials and errors, I was able to reduce buffering and make my experience with the app more enjoyable. In this article, I share with you the different ways that have worked for me. I am sure they will work for you too.

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Check the speed of your internet connection

Online streaming today requires an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps, but full HD streaming of at least 10 Mbps and 4K streaming at least 20 Mbps is recommended. The good news is that most mobile and broadband internet providers offer a higher internet speed. Some providers even offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, even for residential connections. At such a high speed, you might think that you should never experience any problems buffering Terrarium TV. But unfortunately, that is not always the case.

If you rarely encounter Terrarium TV buffer problems, there is a chance that your internet might experience some periodic issues from the end of your provider. In such cases, the problem is usually handled at the back and is short-lived.

I would recommend checking your internet connection speed to determine if you have the minimum bandwidth. There are plenty of apps and websites that allow you to test the speed for free. Ookla is the most popular internet speed testing service. You can download the Ookla app on your Android or iOS device or visit their website to test the speed.

If the test results show a consistently slow speed, there may be a problem with the internet connection. You may need to upgrade your plan or your router. In any case, contact your internet service provider and find the solution.

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Stream from servers recommended by Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV retrieves the streaming links from dozens of servers stationed worldwide. But there are some servers that this app recommends itself. See the image below for the list of recommended servers.

terrarium tv buffering

I have personally experienced that these servers are faster and I hardly experience terrarium TV buffer problems.

The pop-up in the image appears every time you click on the title. You can check the ‘Don’t show again’ option at the bottom so it doesn’t show next time. Before checking this option, I noted down all the recommended servers because I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember them all. So I suggest you do the same.

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Terrarium TV Server problems

If your internet speed is not an issue and you are still facing Terrarium TV issues, there may seem to be a problem with the server hosting the content.

As you may know, Terrarium TV does not host content of its own. This app is an aggregator that retrieves multiple links to certain content from different servers. When you open a link, your device attempts to stream the content from the server that the link points to.

Terrarium TV tries to bring the best working links. But sometimes the bad links are also shown. A bad link can be that the server is experiencing downtime or delay. As a result, you run into terrarium TV buffer problems.

If there is a problem with the server, there is not much you can do to fix the buffering. What you can do is open another link to another server and chances are you have solved the problem.

I have noticed that Terrarium TV issues usually occur when I try to stream full HD content. And it has nothing to do with my internet speed or my device’s ability to stream HD movies or shows online; the problem lies with the server unable to handle multiple streaming requests.

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Use the right media player with Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV does not have its own media player. You should have noticed that when using Terrarium TV, it asks you to install a favorite media player for better streaming performance. In fact, the app even says you can experience buffering problems without the preferred player.

When I first started using Terrarium TV, I ignored the pop-ups that asked me to buy another media player. I thought it was not necessary. But then I noticed that Terrarium TV is not working properly and I regularly encounter buffer problems. Then I decided to install the media player from Terrarium TV’s picking. And while I was proven wrong, I would admit there was a noticeable difference in the performance. Many links that were previously buffered went smoothly after installing the new player.

Although Terrarium TV is compatible with various media players, including VLC and MX Player, you may still be asked to install another player. In fact, the latest version of Terrarium TV doesn’t stream links if you don’t have the YesPlayer (see the image below).

terrarium tv does not work

So, install YesPlayer and you may be able to fix Terrarium TV’s buffer problems. This media player is available in both the Play Store and the Amazon Store.

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Use a VPN and avoid internet restriction

Did you know that many internet users in the United States fall victim to internet restriction and are not even aware of it? Internet restriction is a common practice among Internet Service Providers (ISP).

If online streaming consumes most of your online activity, your internet service provider may reduce internet speed to less than what is offered with your internet subscription. I am not saying that this practice is illegal. But I think it is unethical. Most of the time, the ISPs have a clause in their terms and conditions that states that the amount of data usage due to online streaming that goes below a certain value can reduce the speed.

Unfortunately, we often miss those fine print. And even if I had read the clause, I would still like to enjoy the Internet to the fullest. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent internet restriction. Start using a VPN service and it will mask all your internet activities. In this way, your ISP never knows whether you are watching a movie online or downloading data files.

I have been using ExpressVPN for a while now and recommend the same to you. It is fast, reliable and TV-friendly for Terrarium.

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Clear the data from the Terrarium TV app

There is another Terrarium TV troubleshooting that you could try to avoid the buffer problems. You can clear the Terrarium TV data and restore the default settings. It would be like using Terrarium TV for the first time.

Erasing data, of course, means that you will lose all your personal settings. But there are hardly any terrarium TV settings to keep. Just write down any changes you’ve made and apply those changes later.

While we’re at it, I also recommend clearing the Terrarium TV cache while deleting the data. A cache-deleted app can work wonders.

If you are using Terrarium TV on Android, open Settings and go to the Apps option (the path may vary slightly by device). Select Terrarium TV and tap the buttons to clear the data and cache.

If you’re using Terrarium TV on FireStick, here’s how to clear the data and cache:

# 1. Select Settings (on the top bar) from the home screen

# 2. Click on ‘Applications’

# 3. Scroll down and open ‘Manage installed applications’

# 4. Scroll all the way down and click on ‘Terrarium TV’. As you can see in the image below, the data size is 40.82 MB and the cache is 110 MB

terrarium tv problems

# 5. Now click on ‘Clear Data’ (below is the ‘Clear Cache’ option. But you don’t need to use it because clearing the data will also clear the cache, as shown in the images below)

terrarium tv buffer problems

# 6. In the next screen, click ‘Clear data’ again

terrarium tv remains freezing cold

# 7. Now press the back button once to return to the previous screen. As you can see in the image below, the data and cache have been deleted

terrarium tv troubleshooting

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Video: Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Issues

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Conclusion: Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Issues

It doesn’t matter if your neighbor steals your Wi-Fi or if your brother claims the bandwidth. Streaming apps can come and go, but buffering remains the same. That means our tips will work on future versions of the Terrarium TV app along with other devices like the Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku.

Do you often or only in certain cases suffer from buffering Terrarium TV?

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