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How To Block Text Messages On Android

Block Text Messages On Android – SMS is still the reasonable way to communicate with two known people; despite we’re filled with plenty of messages based Android apps. However, even SMS can start annoying you while you don’t wish to receive them from a particular person. Sometimes even spam messages only keep on coming for the whole day. These kinds of messages even hassle, while you are in a deep sleep at night, forgetting your phone on due to business responsibilities.

The re’s always help available to block the spam calls, however. Still, the re’s a little know-how on block annoying text messages or SMS. In this article, we’ll present you how you can block these SMS which you don’t want to receive straight on your mobile or by using a third-party app.

Step To Block Text Messages On Android

Step 1. First of all, Go to your text message app on Android mobile and press and hold the message which is annoying you. Once you do that, depending upon your device model and version, you can be seeing different sorts of option simply on the top of your screen.

Block Text Messages On Android

Step 2. Over there you should see “Add to Spam” or “Block” option. Just tap on that option and also you won’t be receiving any text message from that particular sender.

Block Text Messages On Android

Step 3. That’s it!

Using a third-party app to block annoying text message sender

Step 1. Download SMS Blocker from here.

Block Text Messages On Android

Step 2. Open the app, Tap on “+” button, next, choose “manual entry,” after which you’ll be able to block number directly these annoying spammers.

Step 3. The second means is to block whole series numbers that everyone these telemarketers hassle you. First, you need to choose these numbers or telemarketers message after which finally tap on “Add in Block list” option and you’ll get no such SMS in future.

That’s it! These are the valid methods to block those annoying SMS or spam text messages. The y’re easy and can make you stop bothering about while you next hear the chime you have set on your SMS notification.

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