How to Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software: Facebook videos are trending these days. Many of them are getting addicted to the Facebook as can show them many amounts of information worldwide in the type of photos and videos. When compared to different types of information, users want to watch facebook videos to see the information faster and comfortable. Some videos are getting close to our heart, so we wanted that video to be download or saved for future use. To download the Facebook video, there are lots of options like Facebook video downloader for windows and mac os, several third party website, browser extension, and add-on to save the video from Mozilla Firefox browser or Google Chrome.

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Recently Facebook added autoplay video feature which automatically plays videos on your news feed. This feature disrupted most of the Facebook user, But not a big deal you’ll be able only to disable videos from automatically playing on Facebook. So when it comes to funny videos, some of Facebook pages are doing a great job in sharing some really funny videos and which I love to watch such videos. Wouldn’t it’s great if Facebook had a video downloading button so that we might simply download Facebook videos which we like the most. Many of the software’s and websites will not work all the time so to avoid that frustration and to make it easy we are going use a trick for the Best way to download the facebook videos in the following tag Easily Download Facebook Videos Full HD without Software or Websites.

Step to Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software

Step 1. First of all,  simply Log in to your Facebook account and open that video which you need to download into your PC.

Step 2. Click on the video to play it. Now right click on it and you will get three options – Play, Mute and Show video URL.

Download Facebook Videos

You have to choose Show video URL.

Step 3.  Now, Copy the video URL and Stop the video player before going to the next step.

Download Facebook Videos

Step 4. Go to on your browser, open a new tab, then paste the video URL.

Step 5. Simply replace “www” or the web to “m” as shown below and press Enter on your keyboard.

Download Facebook Videos

Step 6. Now, You press Enter; you’ll be redirected to the mobile version of Facebook. And what you have to do now is play the video.

Step 7. Play the video and again right click, on it and choose Save Video As.

Download Facebook Videos

Step 8. And last, give it a name if you want, then choose where to save it and press the Save button.

Download Facebook Videos

Step 9. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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