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How to Install Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build on Kodi Krypton

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Kryptikz ZT build on Kodi. Kryptikz ZT is a perfect building block for people who want to enjoy digital entertainment without any compensation. It comes with plenty of great extras to meet your streaming needs. But unfortunately, the build is currently down and we will update the article as soon as it is re-launched.

What Is Kryptikz ZT

Kryptikz ZT is a popular Kodi build that allows you to stream videos, Live TV, TV Shows, Kids content, sports videos, and other forms of digital media. Available on ZT Wizard, Kryptikz ZT build comes with a wide range of categories to stream different forms of media. Although the format is 375 Mb, Kryptikz ZT build is highly recommended for Kodi 18 Leia and 17 Krypton users.

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How to Install Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

This guide to install Kryptikz ZT Kodi build will work on both PC as well as FireStick/Fire TV. if you are just starting out on Fire Stick, follow this guide to learn how to install Kodi on FireStick before you go with Kryptikz ZT installation.

Before we start the real process, Turn On “Unknown Sources” for Add-ons. It can be done via Settings > System Settings > Addons > Unknown Sources.

Now that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” on Kodi, let’s see how to install Kryptikz ZT Kodi build. Follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Launch Kodi Krypton and click on the “Settings” icon.

kodi settings

STEP 2: Click “File Manager”

kodi file manager

STEP 3: Select “Add Source” from the list of options.

add repo source kodi

STEP 4: Now click “None”

click none kodi

STEP 5: In the “Source” field, type

add Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build source url

STEP 6: In the next screen, type “Kryptikz” in the Name field. Now click OK.

kryptikz repo name

STEP 7: Go back to the home screen and click “Add-ons”.

STEP 8: Click the “Package Installer” icon on the top left of the screen.

kodi package installer

STEP 9: Select “Install from Zip file” from the options.

install from zip file kodi

STEP 10: Navigate and click “Kryptikz”.

Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build zip file installation

STEP 11: Select “” and click OK.

open kryptikz zt kodi build repository

STEP 12: Now, wait for the notification “Zero Tolerance Repository installed” and then go back to Step 9. However, this time select “Install from Repository” instead of Zip file.

kodi install from repository

STEP 13: Click “Zero Tolerance Repository”

zero tolerance repository

STEP 14: Now select “Program Add-ons” followed by “ZT-The Wizard”.

open program addons Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

open zt the wizard

STEP 15: Click “Install” to start the ZT-The Wizard installation. Wait for notification “ZT-The Wizard Installed”.

install zt the wizard

STEP 16: Go to the home screen of Kodi app. Click on “Add-ons” menu option, and then open “ZT-The Wizard” on the right side.

open zt the wizard Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

STEP 17: Select “Builds” from the options.

open builds Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

STEP 18: Now click “Krypton Builds (19)”

krypton builds Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

STEP 19: Navigate and select “Kryptikz (v 2.0.5)”. Note that the version number keeps changing with the updates. So don’t get confused if you see another version number instead of 2.0.5.

open kryptikz

STEP 20: On next screen, you will see “Fresh Install” and “Standard Install”. If you want to remove all existing add-ons, you can choose “Fresh Install” else go for “Standard Install”. Click “Continue” when prompted.

Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build install

STEP 21: Now Kryptikz ZT Kodi build will download and might take some time depending on the speed of your Internet.

download Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

STEP 22: Click “Force Close” to complete the Kryptikz Kodi build installation.

force close kodi Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

STEP 23: Launch Kodi and enjoy Kryptikz ZT Kodi build.

how to install Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build

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Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build: Enjoy a New World of Entertainment!

Let’s have a look at some of the digital media content that Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build has to offer:

1. Movies

Movie interfaces don’t get this clean! The section features categories that have been classified into various genres. You can navigate through these genres with the help of various filters that Kryptikz ZT provides. In the face of this category, you will find all the latest top-rated films awesomely stocked!

2. Sports

I don’t fail to mention that I am a sports lover. It is in my blood and I would re-schedule my work just to enjoy live sports coverage. With the Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build, you will get live sports coverage from across the world as well as live scores and highlights.

3. My Lists

The “My Lists” category perfectly suits people who love TV Shows and Movies. In case you aren’t aware of what to watch, consider skimming through this section and you will be enjoying the new world of entertainment in no time.

4. Doc Zone

For the documentary lovers, the “Doc Zone” has taken care of you. It features premium documentaries that have been sub-categorized and classified in clean user interfaces.

5. Cartoons

This section takes care of kids and family interests. All you need is to teach your family and kids how to operate a Kodi device and they will be good to go!

6. Explore

In case you are somewhat adventurous, you may want to visit the explore section for some random entertainment!

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Video: How to Install Kryptikz ZT Build

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Wrap Up: How to Install Kryptikz ZT Build

  • Since Kodi doesn’t support third-party or unofficial add-ons, you have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ first. Launch Kodi and click the ‘gear’ icon to open ‘Settings’. Open ‘System Settings’, click on ‘Add-ons’ and then toggle ‘Unknown Sources’ on.
  • Having done this, return to the Home Screen and open the ‘Settings’ icon. Open ‘File Manager’ and pick ‘Add Source’ from the menu.
  • When the pop-up window appears, click <None> and in the “source-destination path” field, type in as the URL. On the next screen put ‘Kryptikz’ as the source name and hit ‘OK’.
  • Return to the home screen and this time click on ‘Add-ons’. From the top left of the ‘Add-on’ screen, open ‘Package Installer’, the icon that resembles an open box. Next, choose ‘Install from zip file’ and select ‘Kryptikz’ from the pop-up window.
  • Choose ‘’ and press Ok then wait for a notification informing you ‘Zero Tolerance Repository installed’.
  • Navigate back to the ‘Add-ons’ menu and pick ‘Install from Repository’. Choose the ‘Zero Tolerance Repository’ option, click ‘Program Add-ons’, and then select ‘ZT-The Wizard’.
  • Press the ‘Install’ button to commence installation and wait for a notification notifying you that ‘ZT-The Wizard installed’.
  • Return to the Home Screen and open ‘Add-on’ once again and click on ‘ZT- The Wizard’. Select ‘Builds’ and click ‘Krypton Builds (19)’.
  • From the subsequent menu, select ‘Kryptikz (v 2.0.5)’ or the latest build. The next screen will prompt you to choose either ‘Fresh install’ or ‘Standard install’; select the former if you want to delete previous installs.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to finish the installation and then ‘Force Close’ once the installation is complete. Restart Kodi and open the Kryptikz ZT Kodi build to enjoy the content.
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Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build: Verdict

The Kryptikz ZT is one of the best Kodi Builds for anyone looking to enjoy digital media entertainment for free. You will get massive premium content from the awesome add-ons that come with this Kodi build!

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