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How To Let Dashlane And 1Password Autofill Passwords In iOS 12

How To Let Dashlane And 1Password Autofill Passwords In iOS 12

One of the great new features of iOS 12 is that password management applications can be integrated into the built-in automatic password entry. Do you know how to enter the password for your iCloud keychain when typing a password field in Safari? It is very practical, right?

Now it can also serve as a password in the form of third-party applications such as Dashlane and 1Password. And that is not all.

New password functions in iOS 12

Dashlane now integrates with the keychain of the system.

Before we get to the new password integrations, there are two new iOS 12 password functions. The first is that automatic password entry now works in applications, not just on the internet. Navigator. Let's say you're connecting to the Airbnb app, while you used only the website before. Now, iOS will restore your Airbnb password stored on the keychain.

The second is that the use of a stored password now requires authentication. When you choose to automatically enter a password, you will be asked to use Touch ID to prove that you are yourself and not someone else using your unlocked iPhone or iPad. Face ID users will probably not notice this new step.

How to use password managers with iCloud Keychain

To illustrate this new function, we will use it Adoration of mac sponsor Dashlane as an example. The process is exactly the same as any other compatible application – 1Password for example.

Every time a password field appears, iCloud Keychain offers you to enter the password for you, suspecting the password to be used. If it is wrong, you can press the small one key icon above the keyboard to display a list of alternatives.

Some applications automatically copy the password with two factors.
It always works in the same way, but now you have to authenticate to fill the password field. In iOS 12, Dashlane passwords and other password administrators appear here. Previously, you had to switch to the password management application or use an action extension to access your saved passwords.

Go to if you want to enable this function Settings> Passwords and accounts> Enter passwords automatically. You see a list of available password managers, including the iCloud keychain. Simply tap to turn on or off the ones you want to use (you can disable the iCloud keychain if you want).

Dashlane shows the automatic input of the password of iOS 12.
Dashlane demonstrates the automatic password entry of iOS 12.
You will then see a pop-up window asking if you want to allow additional features. For example, your password application may allow you to save unique passwords on the clipboard when you enter the master password, to allow connections with two factors.

A real replacement

Once you have enabled this option, you can easily forget it. When you enter a password field, your Dashlane passwords are presented to you. If the wrong password is offered, simply press the small password. the key icon above the keyboard as before. The difference is that Dashlane appears as an optional resource in the dialog and you can touch it to browse through all of your Dashlane connections.

And that's all. Just define it and forget about it more or less.

The integration is so deep that you can really use an external password manager to replace the iCloud keychain. This means you can enjoy all the advanced security features of Dashlane or similar applications.

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