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How To Use Facebook’s Messenger Bots

Finally, Facebook introduced bots for Facebook Messenger. The re’s a rumor for a very long time about Facebook Messenger bots. Finally, Facebook launched Bots API to developers. You can use these Bots to talk to a business and get services like weather reports, news, movie tickets, and many others. Directly in your Messenger chat. Go forward and know the way to use Facebook’s Messenger Bots right now. The long-awaited ‘Bot Platform’ was unveiled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the first opening day of the F8 developer conference, and the company hopes it’s going to change The Best way all of us use the web.

But do they work? The platform is presently the beta stage, and it’s only working with a few US-based companies. However, it’s already possible to get a little taste of what this technology can do.

What’s the good thing about a Bot to you?


People who find themselves not familiar to Bots find it hard to know some great benefits of bots. Through the use of bots by numerous businesses, you’ll be able to order their products inside the Messenger app. You’ll be able to book Bus Tickets online by using Redbus bot if it is available. There are plenty of options available by Facebook Messenger bots.

As an end user, you’ve got the curiosity about how these Bots works? Here “Compsmag” will explain it.

Learn How to Find a Bot?

If you’re scratching your brains questioning how bots on Facebook seem like and how do they operate, settle down. These are easy bots dedicated to a particular service, and you can use them right now.

However, in the meanwhile, they’re kind of confusing and unintuitive. Many times the bots don’t understand what to do, and you end up struggling to get any work finished.

To make things easier for you, I tried Facebook Messenger Bots personally. I started with Facebook’s very own F8 bot. You possibly can access it through the As you visit this URL on your phone, you’ll be requested to decide on Messenger or Fb app to proceed.

The Wall Road Journal

The WSJ is one among a handful of media organisations already utilizing the bots.

By going to the Journal’s Facebook page, or visiting their chatbot page directly, you may get updates on news, information and the financial markets.

I selected Messenger and listed here are the screenshots of my chat with F8 Messenger Bot.

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