How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone

July 8, 2020

Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone – Auto-Correct can be an excellent feature, however, as often as not, it’s also a very frustrating feature. We have all experienced typing an email or text message only to learn it through and spot garbled words after Auto-Correct got its hand on them, either worse still, we catch it after we send the message.

There are undoubtedly some cooling issues you can do with Auto-Correct. For example, one great keyboard shortcut is to skip typing the apostrophe in contractions like “can’t” or “won’t” and let AutoCorrect insert it for you. However, unless you type a lot of contractions, the time saved will not be worth the frustration involved.

On the flip side, if you have AutoCorrect turned off and need to turn it back on, these instructions will work in reverse. The entire process is quite easy. To avoid this problem and the frustrations of corrected words that you don’t want to type, you can turn to autocorrect off in the iPhone settings. Use the information below to disable auto correct so you can send messages precisely as you type them — typos, slang and all.

Step to Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone

Step 1. First of all, Go To Settings.

turn off autocorrect on iphone

Step 2.  Now tap on General.

turn off autocorrect on iphone

Step 3. Next, you should Scroll down a little bit to find Keyboard.

turn off autocorrect on iphone

Step 4. Now you will see Auto-Correction which shall be ON, Just Slide it towards the Left to turn it off.

turn off autocorrect on iphone

Step 5. That’s it! Now, you are done.

Do You Want Auto Correct Without the Auto Correct?

By default, spell checking is turned on to your iPad. You’ll be able to check this setting on the same screen used to show Auto Correct on and off. It’s just below that setting. When spell checking is turned on, misspelled words — or what the iPad thinks are misspelled words — will have a red squiggly line below them. Just tap the word, and the iPad will offer three options for corrections.

That is principally the same as AutoCorrect without the auto and with more variety to get sure you replace it with the right word. You can also pay attention to Predictive typing, which is also turned on by default and configured with the same keyboard settings. Predictive typing suggests words as you type. In case you are typing a long word, keeping one eye on the predictions across the top of the keyboard will let you use one tap to finish the word.

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