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How to Install Ultra IPTV Addon on Kodi Krypton

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to install Ultra IPTV addon on Kodi. If you’re researching new options for watching live TV on Kodi, I want you to try Ultra IPTV Kodi addon. This addon also features in our list of top Kodi add-ons for live TV. What I like the most about Ultra IPTV is the extensive library of channels. Whether you are looking for sports, entertainment, movies, TV shows, news, you will find it here. Ultra IPTV Kodi addon has channels in different international languages ​​and from different countries like the US, UK, Spain, France, India, etc. And everything Ultra IPTV offers is free. Ultra IPTV is a live TV addon giving you free access to hundreds of satellite channels. The installation method used in this article works for Kodi on all devices such as FireStick, Android TV, Android Box, Android smartphones and tablets, etc.

Ultra IPTV for Kodi may not be the best live TV addon. But I am convinced that it is a solid alternative. Since it’s light, it doesn’t take up much space either, which is why it’s suitable for Kodi on FireStick and other TV streaming media devices with limited storage. Let me show you how to get Ultra IPTV on Kodi. Keep reading!

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How to Install Ultra IPTV in Kodi

We will first prepare Kodi to accept third parties add-on installation. That’s how we can install Ultra IPTV Kodi addon. You should do this:

# 1. Run Kodi and open Settings (from the Kodi home screen under the Kodi logo)

# 2. Now open ‘System Settings’ from the set of options on the next screen

# 3 You should see some options on the left. Click on ‘Add-ons’. You should now see ‘Unknown sources’ on the right. Turn it ON by moving the switch next to it to the right

# 4. Click Yes when you see this warning message. You can ignore the warning because Ultra IPTV is a trusted and safe one addon

Now Kodi is ready to install Ultra IPTV addon. Let’s start.

Installation steps for Ultra IPTV

Although the process involves several steps, it only takes a few minutes to install the Ultra IPTV addon on Kodi. You should do this:

# 1. Open Kodi and stay on the home screen. Now click on ‘Settings’ at the top left again

# 2. Then open ‘File Manager’ when you see the next set of options

# 3. Now go ahead and click on ‘Add source’

# 4. Look at the picture below, it has the choice. Click this option to open the on-screen keyboard

# 5. Now type the URL of the source from which we will install the Cazlo repository. This repository will be used later to install Ultra IPTV Kodi addon.

Enter in the URL field. Type the URL exactly as I showed here to avoid installation issues later. Click the ‘OK’ button to continue

# 6. In the “Enter a name for this media source” field, type any name for this source that you want to identify later. The idea is to make the name identifiable. So I’m going to call it “cazlo.”

Click on ‘OK’ again

# 7. So the source has been added. Now the next few steps will show you how to install the Cazlo repository.

Go back to the Kodi home screen and then left-click on ‘Add-ons’

# 8. Click the ‘open box’ icon at the top left of the next screen. You can call this icon “Package Installer”

# 9. Now open ‘Install from zip file’

# 10. The new window now shows you the list of added resources. We need to find or click ‘cazlo’ (or the name you chose earlier in step 6)

# 11. Now click on the file ‘’ that you see in the next window

Note: 2.0 in the zip file name is the version number at the time of writing this article. If the version is updated, you may see a different number

# 12. Wait for the message ‘Cazlo Repository Add-on Installed’ that should appear on the top right of the screen

You have successfully installed the Cazlo repository. We are now going to use this repository to install the Ultra IPTV addon on Kodi.

# 13. Click on ‘Install from repository’

# 14. Here you can see the list of installed repositories on Kodi. You may have to scroll down a bit to find the Cazlo repository.

Click on Cazlo repository and open it

# 15. Then open ‘Video Add-ons’

# 16. Click on ‘Ultra IPTV’

# 17. Click on the ‘Install’ button that you see at the bottom right of the next window

# 18. Wait for the ‘Ultra IPTV Add-on Installed’ notification. It will take no longer than 2-3 minutes to install this Ultra IPTV Kodi addon from the Cazlo repository

# 19. Well, that’s all. You have successfully installed the Kodi Ultra IPTV addon. To investigate this addon, go to the Kodi home screen again and left-click on ‘Add-ons’. Now click on ‘Video Add-ons’.

Find the Ultra IPTV Kodi addon and click on it.

When you open Ultra IPTV, you will see the list of channel categories on multiple pages. Each page has more than 40 categories. Click on a category and you will find the list of available channels. If you want to explore more categories, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Next page’.


While browsing Ultra IPTV Kodi addon, you will find that it has hundreds of channels in dozens of categories. That’s pretty exciting I would say. But what is not very exciting is the fact that the categories are poorly organized. The list of categories is arbitrary and is not sorted in any particular order. You need to browse the pages to find what you are looking for. And since there are so many categories to explore, it can be difficult to find the channel you want to watch. I’m not sure why the developers were in such a hurry that they couldn’t even organize the categories properly. That said, I still believe Ultra IPTV is here to stay. For starters, it has a huge collection of channels from all over the world, something you don’t often see. It also usually has many streamable channels. Of course, you will also find many offline channels. But given the amount, you will find more working links here than anywhere else.

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