Maxthon keyboard Shortcut Keys- A complete list

Maxthon keyboard Shortcut Keys- A complete list

Maxthon keyboard Shortcut Keys version 2.x


ESC              Stop
Shift+ESC     Stop all tabs
Ctrl+F  –        Find on this page
Ctrl+P           Print
Ctrl+Q          Display all pages’ previews in a new tab
F11              Full screen


Ctrl+X          Cut
Ctrl+C          Copy
Ctrl+V          Paste
Ctrl+A          Select all
Ctrl+F1         Screen Capture in region mode


Ctrl+O          Open a URL
Ctrl+N          Open a new blank tab
Ctrl+T          Open a new blank tab
F1                Open a new blank tab
Ctrl+Shift+N   Open a URL from clipboard in a new tab


Ctrl+W         Close the current tab

Go To

Alt+Left       Back
Alt+Right     Forward


F5               Refresh
Shift+F5      Refresh all tabs


Ctrl+”*”       Zoom Page / 100%
Ctrl+”+”       Zoom Page / +20%
Ctrl+”-”        Zoom Page / -20%

Switch tabs

F2                 Previous tab
F3                 Next tab
Ctrl+Left      Previous tab (*)
Ctrl+Right    Next tab (*)
Ctrl+Tab      Switch tabs

(*) Can be turned off in the “Tab” section of Maxthon Options

Sidebar / Explorer Bar

Ctrl+E       Toggle the Search sidebar
Ctrl+H       Toggle the History sidebar
Ctrl+B       Toggle the Web toolbar


Alt+1        Save the current form data
Alt+2        Save the current form data as default
Alt+Q       Fill in the current form

Search Bar

Ctrl+Shift+F   Move focus to the Search bar and highlight keywords
Shift+Enter    Search keywords using multiple engines
Ctrl+Enter      Toggle highlighting of search keywords on the active page


Ctrl+G         Open the Collector
Ctrl+D         Add to Favorites
Ctrl+Alt+L   Lock Maxthon
Alt+D          Move focus to the Address bar & select the current url
F4               Move focus to the Address bar & open the URL list
F6               Move focus to the Address bar
Alt+`          Hide/Show Maxthon
Alt+X          Lock the current tab
Alt+Z          Reopen the last closed tab
F1-F12        URL keys (*)

So this is Maxthon keyboard shortcuts a complete list.


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