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How To View List Of Recently Closed Tabs In Safari For macOS Sierra

May 29, 2020

View List Of Recently Closed Tabs In Safari For macOS Sierra –  Once you use a web browser, you probably have multiple websites open at one time. All these open browser windows are a pain to track, however utilizing tabs helps organize these windows. Rather of multiple windows open and set around on your screen, you have one window open, and tabs across the top you can click on to get to the window you want.

Safari isn’t the only app where you’ll have multiple windows open. However, these other apps don’t usually provide tabs. However, macOS Sierra takes tabs to apps that enable for multiple windows. Sometimes when working with the browser on the iPhone or Mac, read some essential info suddenly and accidentally close the tab that you just want. What to do? To search for info among lots of bookmarks to sort through the story or is there another way. However, the re’s a better approach to viewing your recently closed Safari tabs in macOS Sierra. Here’s how it works.

Steps To View List Of Recently Closed Tabs In Safari For macOS Sierra

Step 1. First of all, In macOS Sierra, launch Safari.

macos sierra

Step 2. Right, click on the ” + ” button located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

macos sierra

Step 3. Opens the drop-down menu “Recently closed tabs” list the recent sites.

macos sierra

Step 4. Mac owners can also use the keyboard reduction. Shift-Command-T will lead to re-opening the last closed tab.

Step 4. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

Now, the method of choosing one of your recently closed tabs to load is entirely different depending on how you accessed the menu in the first place. If you right-clicked to bring up the record, you’d be able to simply move your cursor down to the desired entry after which left-click once to open it. If you used the “click on and hold” method, allow going of your mouse or trackpad will close the menu. So, instead, you’ll need to keep holding your mouse or trackpad button down while you move the cursor over the specified item. Once you’re the re, simply let go and the recently closed tab will re-open.

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