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How to reset Apple ID password using two-step verification

Forgotten passwords are a common problem. People are recommended to frequently change their passwords, and pick a different password for each service that makes passwords hard to break, but hard to recover, too. So we aren’t surprised when people tell us they’ve forgotten their iCloud password.

The iCloud password is used to log into iCloud on your Mac OS X and Apple devices, and also to log into iCloud allows you to entry your music, videos, contacts, photos and documents via iPhone, iPad wherever you’re. It makes files share, backup  and sync so much easier. It’s only required you to do one thing, remember your iCloud account.

If you’ve enabled two-step verification for your Apple ID, the method you use to reset your password is different. Today in this article we learn a trick How to reset Apple ID password using two-step verification.

Yes, this is possible with a simple way that I’ve discussed in this article How to reset Apple ID password using two-step verification by just following the below steps.
Step 1. First of all launch Safari in your iPhone or iPad and go to
Step 2. Now click on Enter Your Apple ID.
 Step 3. Now, enter your email and click Next in the top right.
Step 4. Enter your recovery key and tap Next.
Step 5. Choose the device that you’d like to verify your identity with and click on the Next.
Step 6. Now type in the verification code and tap Next.
Step 7. Enter your new password and click on Next.
Step 8. That’s all! You should get confirmation and you’re ready to use your new password.
So above is all about How to reset Apple ID password using two-step verification. By these steps, you can easily reset Apple ID password using two-step verification.

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