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How To Set LED Flash Alerts On Your iPhone


Set LED Flash Alerts On Your iPhone – If you have to switch your iPhone to the silent mode, and there can’t be any vibration alert both. How do you, when, know if the re’s a call coming in or if somebody messaged you?

Accessibility features in the iPhone make it a simple thing with the LED flash alert. The LED flashlight on the iPhone is quite highly effective (and sometimes enormously so, if you’re staring proper at it). By configuring this accessibility setting, you may let your iPhone go into stealth mode – no volume, no vibration – however still know if the re’s a call or a message.

With iOS 5 and later, iPhones can use the LED flash next to the rear camera to inform you of incoming calls, messages, etc. This feature can be helpful – very much – in conditions where you may let the iPhone be in the vibrate mode too. Just set your iPhone face-down, and if the re’s call coming in (or text), the LED flashlight will indicate it with three fast, sharp flashes.

Step to Set LED Flash Alerts On Your iPhone

Step 1. First of all, go to the Settings.

Step 2. Now, tap on the General.


Step 3. After that scroll down the line to find “Accessibility” and tap it.


Step 4. Toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch ON position under the Hearing heading.


If you disable the notification light, repeat the same process and toggle the setting to OFF.

Step 5. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

LED flash not blinking?

One caveat to maintain in mind: this works only if your iPhone is locked either asleep, not when it’s unlocked. As well as, your phone should be resting on its screen down for this to work. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the ability to see the blinking light.

Now, each time you receive a call or a message, you’ll be notified of it with the sharp burst of lighting from the flashlight. An impressive point to notice, but you’ll have to maintain your iPhone face-down so you may see the flashlight. By default, the home screen lights up each time the re’s a notification or a call alert however then, that’s only missed.

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