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6 Tips to Increase Your Click Rate in Google Search Results

Tips to Increase Your Click Rate in Google Search Results

Click through rates (CTR) measure the amount of clicks that advertisers receive. Increasing your click through rate has benefits for your business such as targeting a specific audience, building an email list, and boosting your overall sales.

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The question is, how does one increase their CTR? It is important to remember that viewers are looking for quality information; they want to visit websites with authority and credibility. So, whether your website contains articles, podcasts, videos, or infographics, make sure they are top quality to increase organic search results.

Make Eye-Catching Headlines

Standing out is hard today; there are thousands of websites providing similar products and information. Making sure the viewers want to click your link is crucial. 42% of searchers click on the #1 result, especially if their headline catches their eye and intrigues them.
So, what makes a headline eye-catching? You should search google for articles or products similar to yours. Try adding a number or a specific tag to your headline. For example, “The 5 Best Exotic Honeymoon Destinations” is more appealing than “Honeymoon Destinations.”
Another idea is to tell your readers what they will earn by reading. An example of this is “7 Easy Ways to Save $100 Today.” This stands out more than “Ways to Save Money.”

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Create Better Meta Descriptions

The next thing that grabs the attention of searchers is your meta descriptions. It is a great SEO tool that helps your website stand out.
As your page increases in ranking, you need to make sure your meta descriptions are worthy of that spot. The average length is 155 characters. It should be clear and provide an interesting description for your awesome headline.
Here are some ways to better your meta description:
• Answer a question
• Be sure it is relevant and specific

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Use Google Analytic Reports

Learning how to use and read Google analytic reports can greatly benefit your website. The reports tell you more than just how many visitors you have per day. It can also tell you how viewers use and perceive your website. That is some important information.
You are able to know how viewers come to your website; do they come from social media or organic search results? How long are they spending on your site?
One of the results will tell you the bounce rate, which means how many people click on your website, but leave quickly. If it is too high, there are ways to help decrease this percentage.

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Just like Hansel and Gretel, breadcrumbs show your viewers the path to your website. This is a rather new concept, created by Google, and it is beneficial for mobile viewers. A large percentage of your viewers will be mobile. The idea behind breadcrumb navigation is that it shows the viewer how to navigate your site.
This helps your viewers find their way back to pages they want. It is important to activate and learn how to use breadcrumbs appropriately.

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Provide Quality Visual Images

One way to pique the interest of viewers is with quality images. When others share your page on social media, the image that comes with the link needs to intrigue the reader.
You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make this happen. There are some awesome programs, such as Piktochart, that can make these graphics for you. Infographics are awesome for readers; so many people learn differently, and these can greatly help your viewers.
You can use images to create a certain emotion, whether it be empathy or happiness. The images should be relevant to the tag.

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Great Landing Pages

Your landing page has to encourage people to stay and view your website. This can take time and practice. Some websites change theirs frequently, but they all have certain things in common that make them successful.
• An Appealing Headline
• Secondary Headlines
• Buttons and Call to Action Statements
• Relevant Images and Videos
• Strong Grammar
There are always ways to increase and better your website. The most important aspect to focus on is giving your readers quality content that answers their questions and is beneficial.

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