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The Best Hacking Tools of 2020 – For White Hat Hacker

Best Hacking Tools For White Hacker

Hacking Tools are developed by some truly skilled coders out there to ease out many complex tasks which must be done automatically & manually and took lots of time and effort painstakingly.

Hackers on the web hack digital banking systems, like ATM Cards and other credentials. Nowadays, Collegiate and Youngsters are taking more interest in hacking so that’s the reason we’re posting this post that It could help people who want to become a good Security Penetration. Before Learn about Hacking first, you have to find out about hacking tools and techniques used by the hacker for Hacking. Right here is the list of 10 Best Hacking Tools of 2020.

Every task needs a good set of tools more so with hacking because it’s an unnecessary precision work. Whereas there are tons of such tools and apps available on the Internet, a safety researcher, pentester or a system admin, needs the particular set of tools and apps to find the hidden vulnerabilities.

This Hacking Tools listing is partly based on the Kali Linux Distro Tools ‘Prime Ten’ and our communities feedback.  All these hacking tools of 2020 provided listed here are free of cost, and if not, their alternate options are offered. 

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List of The Best Hacking Tools For White Hacker of 2020

John The Ripper: Password Cracker


John The Ripper: Password Cracker is an open source and free software, fast password cracking. John The Ripper: Password Cracker is initially developed for Unix Operating System But now John The Ripper is available on the Different Unix Operating System platforms.

Aircrack-ng – Password Cracking Device


Aircrack-ng used for wifi hacking and used to do packet capturing over a wi-fi network, kind of stuff related to wifi security and network monitoring. Aircrack-ng is one of the most popular tools used in Kali Linux and BackTrack.

THC-Hydra – Password Cracking Tool

picateshackz kali

THC Hydra has used for Crack any network Authentication through brute force attack other network cracking techniques. THC-Hydra can additionally perform rapid dictionary attacks against more than 50 protocols, HTTP, https, smb, several databases, together with telnet, FTP, and more.

Burp Suite – Web Vulnerability Scanner


Burp Suite – Web Vulnerability Scanner is a tool to scan the vulnerabilities in any websites and to get the response of https and HTTP again. Lots of Security Researchers use Burp Suite tool for penetrating any of the sites. Burp Suite gives you control, letting you mix advanced manual techniques with state-of-the-art computerization, to make your work more efficient, faster, and more fun.

Wireshark – Packet Crafting Tool


Wireshark – Packet Crafting Tool is also an open source and free program to scan the network packets flow. Wireshark is used for network evaluation, software, troubleshooting and protocol for communications development, and education purpose. It may thoroughly also analyze network protocols.

OWASP Zed – Web Vulnerability Scanner


OWASP tool is a type of web vulnerability scanner and analyzer that used by both experts and newbies. You should use OWASP Zed for penetration within the Web application.

Maltego – Forensics Tool


Maltego – Forensics Tool is an Open source and brilliant application used inside the forensics. Maltego is proprietary software used for open-source forensics and intelligence, developed by Paterva.

MetaSploit – Vulnerability Exploit Tool


Metasploit – Vulnerability Exploit Device is software used for penetration regarding software and programs. Metasploit is also an open source and free application and famous for testing software in desktops PC. Metasploit caught the security world by storm when Metasploit was released in 2004. Metasploit is a very advanced open-source platform for testing, developing, moreover using for exploit code.

Acunetix – Web Vulnerability Scanner


Acunetix is a very powerful online tool to scan any of the websites and get your website hackable report. A lot of the websites on the internet are vulnerable, so guys secure your websites. Acunetix – Web Vulnerability Scanner can automatically scan and crawls off-the-shelf including custom-built websites and web applications for SQL Injection, Host Header Attacks, XSS, XXE, SSRF & over 3000 other web vulnerabilities.

Nmap – Port Scanner


Nmap full name Network Mapper is a free and open source utility for security auditing or network exploration. Several network administrators and system also find Nmap is useful for duties similar to managing service upgrade schedules, network inventory including monitoring host or service uptime.

So above is the Top 10 Best Hacking Tools of 2020 – For White Hat Hacker and must have tools for every white hacker and these tools used on PC and So if you like the post the don’t forget to share it!! And if in case you face any problem feel free to discuss in below comments.

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