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How To Win Duo Mode In PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile Duo mode does not differ much from your usual PUBG game – but it does have some unique features that you should be aware of. Our PUBG Mobile Duo Guide would contain various tips and tricks on how to get killed, survive, and finally win the chicken dinner.

Joining a match in duo mode is a great way to spice up the usual PUBG Mobile game because this time you’re an ally and you open a wide range of strategies. With an extra pair of eyes, more information and resources would be gained. Diving into a PUBG match with a trolling ally is a great way to spice up the action and make things a bit less dark in the face of impending death on every corner.

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You will be able to share the equipment and especially the information. However, as this is a royal battle game – no matter who your opponents are, your enemies also have access – the fight would be more chaotic because you have to eliminate both enemies – the other person on the team can resuscitate the slaughtered member.

Below Is A  List Of Some Strategies For Some Specific Situations

1. Inform your partner of any useful information. For example, if you have spotted an enemy incursion on the north side, inform your teammate of the direction to follow, preferably by referring to the compass and the corresponding environment. For example, you can try something like “Enemy ahead, South 75, in the warehouse”.

2. Even when you are knocked out, you can still drop your gear and items to pick up.

3. Communication with your teammate is essential when you play a duet. Use your voice conversations and landmarks to regularly inform your teammate of what’s happening and the next step!

4. Always watch your teammate. Do not leave alone and do not leave one behind the other because other teams could quickly master you.

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5. Use your numbers to your advantage; When you engage enemies, coordinate with your teammate to focus fire and eliminate enemies one by one. The less you go to firearms, the better your chances of survival!

6. When the enemy you killed is “knocked out,” that means his teammate is still alive. Do not let your guard down and secure your perimeter first!

7. Trade equipment between them so that you both have The Best combination of gears. If you have something to spare, give it to the other guy. Have you found a good assault rifle while you already have two in your bag? Ping his location so that your teammate can pick it up. Do you swap your old litter for a new one? It is better to ask your friend if he has any use.

8. It’s best to avoid a melee fight if you manage to reach the last circle, as it is hazardous to fight without being able to get both attacks. Try to find where everyone is and set an ambush for them.

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9. It is recommended that you attempt to land in a location farther from the aircraft route to secure a landing zone safely. Try to look for rural areas with multiple buildings!

10. Destroy all enemies that land in the same area while you slide down. Call your team for the general direction and get ready for battle as soon as you land.

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