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Chrome River MOBILE for iPhone/iPod: Review And Features

Chrome River MOBILE for iPhone/iPod: Review And Features

Description of Chrome River MOBILE for iPhone/iPod Review

Chrome River provides complete process automation and cost control for a company's accounts payable through seamless online and mobile applications. Built-in expense reporting and invoice automation solutions are easily configurable to meet the needs of organizations worldwide with complex cost management policies and collaborative approval processes. We have skilfully combined the latest technologies and financial system experience to deliver a service that offers unprecedented ease of use, outstanding configurability and meaningful reporting.

With Chrome River MOBILE, users can easily create, submit and approve their spend and bills in Chrome River from their mobile devices. This mobile app works for all Chrome River online service users.

IMPORTANT: This app requires credentials only for Chrome River licensed customers. If you're not a current customer of Chrome River's online services, you do not have credentials and can not access the mobile app.

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