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Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game: Review And Features

Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game: Review And Features

Description of Cradle of Empires Match-3 Game Review

Become the Chosen One and help the old Empire to rise from the ruins in this adventurous match-3 game with a rich history, thrilling quests and captivating characters!

Cradle of Empires is an exciting – yet cool, quiet and collected – family-friendly adventure. It leads you on a breathtaking odyssey that challenges your ability to get together, build and collect. With the help of Nimiru and Egyptian settlers, you can break the Curse of the Amrun and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Stand up and become the secret weapon in the triumph of good over evil!


● Unique gameplay mix: you make games, build a great city and go on an adventure in a … How great is that?
● Mega-Size Adventure: Immerse yourself in this exciting adventurous story with unexpected twists, gripping quests, and memorable characters.
● Ancient Cities and Civilizations: You collect resources by playing Level 3, which helps you rebuild the cities that destroyed evil.
● Different game modes: You play 6 different Match 3 modes, a variety you will not find anywhere else.
● Many Power-Ups: You can earn a variety of bonuses, power-ups and amulets – you develop your own strategy to use them.
● Regular updates: You will never again experience new adventures as you will receive new buildings, quests, bonuses, levels and whole civilizations in future updates.

All this and much more FREE!

5/5 "To accomplish many different goals so that I never get bored – not the same Match-3 as usual."
5/5 "Very addictive game !! Can not stop playing it !!"
5/5 "A good way to pass time, puzzles are just tough enough to be challenging without being frustrating."
5/5 "I can not wait for the next version"

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