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Current – Music & Radio: Review And Features

Current – Music & Radio: Review And Features

Description of Current – Music & Radio Review

** Personalized Music + Video of the Future **

– Search Over 160M Tracks & 1 Billion Videos & Be Paid To Stream Your Favorites!
– Import your library from your favorite services
– Built with 100K + podcasts, audiobooks and radio
– Legal and free offline music

At "Aktuell" you can search and stream:

* Youtube
* Apple music
* 8tracks
* Audiobooks
* Podcasts

Bonus material:

+ Unlimited music, video, podcasts, radio, posts and movies
+ Create your own channels and become a Tastemaker

Download from Itunes

‘I hope you like the Review of Current – Music & Radio for iPhone. Stay tuned for more updates’

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