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Favorites Widget Pro: Review And Features

Favorites Widget Pro: Review And Features

Description of Favorites Widget Pro Review

From Lifehacker and Drippler as an indispensable widget!

Call your favorite contacts directly on the widgets screen and write them!
This widget supports calls, messages, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Email and FaceTime.

You can also organize contacts into groups (such as family, friends, work) and access them directly from the widget.

Order quickly Uber or Lyft to your favorite places from the widget.
The widget shows you the price comparison between Uber and Lyft and you can literally save money!

This is an app with a powerful widget that dramatically improves the daily use of your iPhone. While getting in touch with your friends can be an annoyingly tedious process, you need to open applications and search contacts for contact. With the Favorites widget, you can simply swipe right from the lock screen, home screen or the widgets screen from the app and get instant access to your favorites.

Sleep support!
– Quickly open your channels and slack contacts from the widget
– Several teams
– Public channels, private channels and direct messages

● Call & Text from the notification center
● Groups
● Unlimited contacts and groups
● 3D Touch in the widget for a quick call
● Call and message
● WhatsApp
● Telegram
● Slack
● Facebook Messenger
● Email
● FaceTime & FaceTime Audio
● Uber and Lyft integration + price comparison
● Full support for iPhone 7 / 7+

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