GeoZilla Find my Friends Phone: Review And Features

GeoZilla Find my Friends Phone: Review And Features

Description of GeoZilla Find my Friends Phone Review

GeoZilla is the first Artificial Intelligence Family Security Assistant to help protect loved ones.

GeoZilla allows you to:
– Easily locate family using the GPS in your electronic device.
– Know when the family leaves or arrives.
– See where your family was during the day.
– Leave comments and check in to assure family members in GeoZilla that you are safe.
– Text and share pictures with family all day about GeoZilla.
– Assign tasks to family members in GeoZilla.
– Get reminders when you approach the scope of a suitable task for this day.
And much more!

Using Significant Site Change (SLC) ensures that this app is in sleep mode until you have significantly moved to extend battery life.

"I use the app to get notified when my kids leave school to know when to warm up for dinner – super handy!" -Kate

** Smart Location History **
– Access daily the location history of a member of your circle.
– Leave check-ins and comments to let your family and friends know you are safe and what you intend to do.

** Emergency alarm **
– Immediately informs the family and the rescue service if one of the members is in danger and needs help.
– Finally, let us know if the battery of your family member is exhausted.

** Location-based errands **
– Assign location related tasks to your family members or you.
– Manage your shopping list together.
– Receive a reminder when approaching the area.

Bringing up kids is no joke, let GeoZilla help you check your teenage whereabouts anytime, with a feature that will help you easily see if they are off the beaten path. Add yourself as an emergency contact in GeoZilla and we'll send you their location information if they need to let you know.

This app works well for those with an elderly or teenagers who need to keep an eye on them. Do not worry if your loved one is protected from harm. With the GeoZilla Family Locator App, you can relax a bit more easily if you have GPS tracking enabled to make sure your loved ones are safe on the go.

Although you can get the full functionality with a free version, you can get even more of the good stuff with our subscription!

GeoZilla Premium, available by subscription, includes:
– Unlimited number of location alarms
– Unlimited circles
– 2 weeks of location history for all family members
– Adjustable map for the family
– Family Geo reminder
– An option to stop sharing your location

The following subscription option is available: $ 17.99 / month & $ 59.99 / year. The price may vary depending on the location.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will be renewed automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can not cancel the subscription after activation. Manage your subscriptions in your account settings after purchase.

Optional authorization requirements:
• Location services to inform circle members of your current location
• Notifications to let you know about your family's location changes
• Contacts to find other users joining your circle
• Photos and Camera to change your profile picture

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Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS in the background can drastically reduce battery life.

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