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iDevices Socket Review

iDevices Socket Review

The iDevices has launched a Socket, which lets you turn any ordinary light bulb into a connected bulb.

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Last updated on November 24, 2020 12:58 pm

Just screw Socket into your desired lighting equipment and insert any regular bulb. Utilizing the free iDevices Connected app, you possibly can get the support of Socket’s dimming functionality and customizable color light ring. We should use Siri voice commands to manage power and brightness to your lights.

The iDevices Connected app — available on the Apple App Store — also helps you to add iDevices products to your house Wi-Fi network and securely pair them to their iPhone, iPod or iPad touch. Navigation allows users to generate efficient schedules and group products into “scenes.”

The iDevices Socket’s dimming capability helps you to dim your lights straight from your iOS device. It suits into conventional lighting receptacles, present it clear to convert any lamp into a connected lamp. The iDevices Socket is also compatible with standard Edison-style bulbs (as much as 60 watts), lets you do pre-existing bulbs in your home. You can additionally apply Socket to make dynamic, low-light environments and enhance your home with personalized color.

How It Works

Since you get over excited, don’t get several anticipations of flooding your home with color with the Socket. iDevices represent the “dynamic, low-light environments” for the LED ring, which likes dinner party or film mood lighting, or even nightlight.

That hint us that it do not operate the sort of brightness you’d get from different color-changing bulbs, so as of Philips’ hue range. iDevices doesn’t define how bright the LEDs can get on their own.

WiFi b/g/n and Bluetooth Smart together with Apple HomeKit support promise easy to use, not only from the iDevice’s iOS app – which helps to group some Socket-enabled lamps into various zones, scheduling when the lights turn on and off, and customized scenes of multiple sets of colors – however, any HomeKit-compliant apps.

The re’s support for Siri control, too, allowing you to request individual lights do switch on or off. Opposite to hue, the re’s no centralized hub requiring a hook-up to your router for control.

Install the Socket

Installing the product only takes a couple of minutes. You screw it into your lighting fixture as you would a light bulb, then turn your lightbulb into the iDevices Socket.

There is a switch on the side of the Socket which is used to turn it on and off manually without having to make use of your iPhone or iPad; that is something you do not notice a lot of different connected-bulbs. The company says the device works with all regular bulb varieties as many as 60W counting incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

Once screwed in, the associated iOS app called ‘iDevices Connected’ runs you by a fast setup to connect to your Wi-Fi network and gives your Socket and its built-in night light a nickname.

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 Socket Features of iDevices

Dimming Capability: Dim your lights straight from your phone with the iDevices Socket for excellent lighting in any setting.

Fits Conventional Receptacle: Socket matches into standard light containers, making it simple to change any lamp into a connected one. The iDevices Socket is also suitable with standard Edison-style bulbs (up to 60 watts), which allows you to use a pre-existing bulbs in your home.

iDevices Connected App Features

Easy Setup: iDevices products do not need a subscription or external hub. Designed to work right away from the box with a simple connection method where the app automatically connects products to your Wi-Fi network.

Personalization: To simplify navigation, users can add pictures of their accessories, rooms, and house, to the iDevices Connected app.

Anywhere Access: Users can securely reach iDevices products from anywhere by the iDevices IoT Cloud Infrastructure. The cloud service is available without any cost and does not need to login to it.

Custom Scenes and Schedules: Through the intuitive interface, users can rapidly create customized schedules and views to suit their lifestyle. As soon as a scene is scheduled, it can occur even when the user is away from a house.


Through the iDevices app, create custom schedules and scenes for all your connected products, and personalize the format and navigation of the app with pictures of the connected products—making it fast and easy to determine which product it is they’re attempting to manage. By this the user can access all their products from wherever they are(anyplace, anywhere)

The Socket is available for $79 on the iDevices website. The company stated that they plan to roll it out to additional retail locations shortly.

We hope you enjoy the article ‘iDevices Socket Review.’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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The iDevices Socket allows you to turn any ordinary light bulb into a connected bulb quickly and easily. The iDevices Socket supplies a light bulb the powers to interface with Apple's Siri and other HomeKit-connected products

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