InstantWatcher — for iPhone: Review And Features

InstantWatcher — for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of InstantWatcher — for iPhone Review

With Instantwatcher, Netflix instant streaming titles are easily browsed, browsed and queued from your iPad. This app also looks for matching YouTube clips and previews that you can view directly in the application, and associates instant Netflix titles with movie reviews from leading movie review sites wherever possible. You can also manage your Netflix instant queue in the application.

Use Instantwatcher to find something good that you can see tonight while you wait for the bus or have dessert with friends and wonder what to do next.

Please note that this app can not play the actual streaming Netflix titles on your iPhone. You will need to use your Roku box, Xbox, computer or Netflix iPad / iPhone app.
For the "Play" button to work properly, the Netflix iPhone / iPad app must be installed on your device. You also need a Netflix membership with streaming rights to see these titles.

This app requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to retrieve catalog data.

This iPhone app was created by the team at It now has support for the new 4-inch iPhones and iPods!

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