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Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free: Review And Features

Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free: Review And Features

Description of Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free Review

***** Parent Winner
Developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the selling Abby Basic Skills App, in collaboration with educational specialists.

Immerse yourself in our Alphabet Aquarium for the ultimate adventure. Toddler Aquarium presents in four great games the wonderful world of letters.

BEST WAY TO LEARN THE ENGLISH ALPHABET! Four awesome puzzle games with letters and animated animals to develop your child's skills.

Explore the shapes and names of letters with this fun new app developed by the award-winning educational publisher 22learn and a maker of the selling Abby Basic Skills App.

Toddler Aquarium presents the wonderful world of letters in four large games that, in addition to knowing the letter shapes and names, also help toddlers in the areas of associating and learning several representative words of a particular initial letter for each letter of the alphabet.

The application has a nice, bright, colorful design and a kid-friendly interface. All objects to be manipulated are large enough to be easily grasped by the children's fingers, and no complicated menus need to be entered by a child to play the game itself.

All letters of the alphabet are presented in a series of 4 game modes that offer variety and different abilities.

Contains 4 great puzzles:

* BRIEFE PUZZLE: Help the crabs to put together a letter! Aim to memorize the visual form of the letter.

* PETS PUZZLE: Make an Animal Puzzle! Drag the pieces back and watch a funny animation

* SKY PUZZLE: Let's fly on clouds! Arrange things to the clouds! He aims to compare objects with their silhouettes and to learn a few words whose first letter is the practiced one.

* BEACH PUZZLE: The tide has dumped so many things out of the depths of the sea. Can you put things back in their place? Identifies the ability to compare letters and objects with their silhouettes.
Each game mode is full of pictures and wonderful, cute animations that kids will love!


* 4 game modes: letter puzzle, animal puzzle, sky puzzle, beach puzzle
* Possibility for parents to turn on / off only the games that their children should practice
* Bright, colorful, kid-friendly design
* Numerous adorable hand drawn animations and illustrations for each letter
* All pronunciation of professional voice-over artists

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