Panasonic Lumix S1H Preview – The First Full-Frame Camera That Can Shoot 6K Video

Panasonic Lumix S1H Preview

Panasonic has confirmed that it’s working on a video version of its full-frame mirrorless camera called Lumix S1H. This will be the 3rd addition to the new S1 series of full-frame mirrorless cameras. The S1H is currently under construction and will be launched globally in the third quarter of 2021. The estimated price is set at USD 4,000 (approximately Rs 277,680). It will join the company’s Lumix S1 and Lumix S1R full-frame, full-frame mirrorless cameras.

The Panasonic Lumix S1H is a full frame mirrorless camera for professional videographers and directors of photography. It offers a 6K video at 24 frames per second. Announced in May of 2021, this is the third complete package in the Lumix S series and, like these models, is based on a full-frame sensor and an L-mount. The L-mount alliance is a partnership between Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma to develop cameras and lenses based on the existing Leica L mount.

Like the Lumix GH5S before him, the Lumix S1H is shamelessly targeting professional video. This is the first full-frame camera capable of recording 6K at 24p (with the full 3: 2 aspect ratio of the sensor), from 5.9K to 30p (in the more traditional 16: 9 form), as well as 4K or DCI Cinema 4k slightly more full in 10 bits up to 60p (crop to be confirmed). A 4:3 anamorphic mode is also available for use with anamorphic lenses, and the V-Log flat profile is included as standard, allowing more than 14 dynamic range stops. Regardless of the resolution or the number of frames per second, the S1H promises unlimited recording times without the risk of overheating. The video bitrate has not been revealed, but the full-color profile of the V-Log will be provided as standard, offering a claimed dynamic range of 14 stops.

Panasonic Lumix S1H Preview

Interestingly, the camera case is not a direct copy of the S1 and S1R models, which shows that Panasonic has already incorporated user feedback into the design. Namely, the power switch now surrounds the trigger, placing it in a more efficient position. A large red recording button is also on the top of the camera behind the shutter release button. Important physical characteristics, such as the upper LCD screen, remain. The LUMIX S1H is equipped with V-Log / V-Gamut with a wide dynamic range of 14 stops, virtually identical to those of the Panasonic Cinema VariCam, to capture everything from dark areas to bright areas accurately. According to Panasonic, the recorded footage of the S1H is compatible with V-Log footage recorded by VariCam or V-Log L footage recorded by LUMIX GH5/GH5S. The LUMIX S1H will be a single lensless mirror camera equipped with a full-frame image sensor. The group claims to be the first full-frame digital interchangeable lens system camera to support 10K 60p 4K/C4K video recording.

Users will be able to use multiple recording formats, including 4:3 anamorphic and 3:2. Its a high-resolution data can also be used to create 4K videos with superior image quality or to crop images at the same time. 4K format. In each S1H recording mode, the video can be recorded without interruption under the certified operating temperature. The Panasonic LUMIX S1H full frame mirrorless camera is designed and developed specifically for film production and will be available on the market in the autumn of 2021.

Although the S1 and S1R are capable of recording high-quality video, they are always cameras first, then video cameras. The goal of the S1H is to provide a camera designed primarily to meet the demands of film production. When the S1H becomes available, it will completely complement Panasonic’s full-frame camera line. For every type of imaging professional that is typically found on the market, Panasonic will now have a camera that fits their needs.

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