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SelBuk for iPhone: Review And Features

SelBuk for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of SelBuk for iPhone Review

The most complete way to make sales on the iPhone and iPad from billing routes, even when no internet is available

Ideal for any growing company that works on the go! Whether it's a customer visit or a trade show to be sold / bought, or to make sales where the sales representatives are on the field.

Special functions
• Access levels for multiple users
• Several bearings
• Several discount structures
• Price list for several products
• Several possibilities of product search
• Sales and discontinued products
• 8 custom fields for additional specifications
• API for integration with other platforms

Ability to be on hand
• Product catalog
• Inventory
• Upcoming or in production units
• Price list
• Customer information and sales records
• Provider info & purchases records

Ability to:
• Create / send offers, orders, invoices
• Create orders
• Generate multiple reports
• collect payments
• Manage expenses
• Sync with the cloud server and other devices

• Routes
• Inventory
• Sales
• Payments
• Unpaid bills
• Tax collected
• costs

Fast Search
• Customer
• Products
• Estimates
• Orders and / or invoices
• Suppliers

• Login access
• Inventory
• Products
• Catalog
• Currency format
• taxes
• Discount structures
• customer orders
• Custom Quantities
• Bills
• Sales reports
• Inventory reports

Cloud Service:
• Web-based version
• Database integration between devices.
• Real-time synchronization.
• Transaction detection per device
• Web-based access connected directly to the database.
• Full backup program.
• Lifetime upgrades and email support.
• 24/7/365 server access availability.
• Transaction detection per user

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